Bloom Website

University of Nevada, Las Vegas class of 2020 graduation website focuses on showcasing designers and their creative works.


October – December 2020

Team Members 

Amy, Abigail, Breena and Nikka.


Figma, Adobe XD, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Illustrator.

My Role

  • Worked closely with our team to design and front-end code a website for UNLV’s capstone class. I was responsible for optimizing the website’s functionality, layout, and content to deliver a compelling and intuitive digital experience.
  • Also responsible for brainstorming, prototyping, and coding multiple designer pages and the book ordering page.

Project Overview

Bloom 2020 focused on creating a website to introduce our graduating students and their creative works. Our goals were to showcase students’ portfolios, stories and contact information for marketing purposes.

The Problem

Bloom was the first project our team had to work remotely and relied heavily on online collaboration due to the pandemic. Our problems were how can we work efficiently remotely while coming up with creative ideas for our product during the quarantine.

The Solution

Created our own website using HTML and CSS called Bloom

The Research

90 percent of the students voted to create our own platform

During our class meeting we agreed on creating our own platform because existing platforms do not give us a sense of authenticity. By having our platform we can freely and creatively establish our own personal branding. Our web team first started the process with interviewing all 16 of our classmates via Zoom, collecting data and opinions on which information they wish to be included on the website.

The Process

Collaboration was the key of our design process

After gathering all 16 students’ opinion and insights, we decided to focus on 4 core content pages which are: home page, team introduction page, event, and shop. 

  • For two weeks, we held an intensive sketching, presenting and validating process among the team to decide on the design of our web pages.
  • We used a shared Google Drive to organize the sketches, research notes and resources. In order to effectively and fairly introduce all 16 of the designers we collaborated on the following designs:

Testing and Improvements

Three major design improvements

We developed an initial wireframe in Adobe XD to conduct usability tests to gain an in-depth understanding of how users would interact with the interface. Based on various feedback from our classmates and professor, we continued to iterate the low-fidelity prototype with 3 major improvements.

Final Products


Key takeaways from this project

This was my first time ever working on a project with a budget as big as Bloom and actively engaged in front end coding. However, I am very grateful to be a part of an amazingly creative and supporting team. A few things I’ve learned throughout this project:

1. Effectively collaborating with your team is the key. Personally, I really enjoyed collaborating and this experience has taught me to communicate my design choices with my peers effectively and how to actively engage in team meetings. I have also learned about the importance of understanding my teammate’s strengths and expertise which would help drive our results even further.

2. Don’t be afraid to engage in usability testing and receive feedback. I realized that sometimes the best design choices in my head are not what the users need, but in order to make sure my design choices are helpful to them, it is crucial to ask for their input and feedbacks.

3. Iterate in every step of the design process. During our Bloom project, we have iterated our design every step of the way from initial sketches to high-fidelity prototypes. Each time a problem arisen with our design, we documented and iterated an improved version.

4. Be resourceful with coding. Coding can be time consuming and I would often hit a coding road block. I have learned from my experience with Bloom that the coding industry is a very resourceful place and I can always found help online or from an expert in the field.

Thank you for reading!

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